Imagine Freedom

Features and history of "Imagine Freedom" original painting by Kori Wilson

Kori Schultz

5/2/20231 min read

Imagine Freedom

This painting is very special to me. This style at the time was totally new to me and I had no idea how it was even going to turn out as art. I had to keep talking myself into continuing. Yes, at one time I threw it out. After I took a little break to compose myself, thank God I decided to keep going. I started by picking out what was really bothering me about the piece. Once I did that I was back in business. The painting took on a life of its own at that point.

I wanted the piece to depict the feeling of how wonderful it felt as a kid to swing on a swing and let their dreams run wild... Dreams of what they were to become as an adult, things they want to accomplish, pets they want to have and things they want to feel. I still look at this print (the original sold fast) when I need a new idea or some inspiration. I just stare at it. It puts me into the energy to create. I hope it does that for you as well. Share the energy.

The link below will take you to my Zazzle store where you can purchase prints of this powerful painting. If you would like to purchase it in any other style or on a certain product, email me at Plus, if you end up buying from another Zazzle designer, no big deal. I still get paid.